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GAAR: what the future holds

How the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) may affect contractors and small businesses giving expert tax analysis to business owners ....

Freedom, You’re closer than you can imagine

Having been in your shoes at one time or another, we here at ImagineFS know that there are two types of contractor: those comfortable with dealing with their own accounts and those not. Whichever school you’re in, we believe we can help you retain more of your income than ever before. Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor or interim manager, we’re not only confident we can take control of your accounts, but also provide compliant tax-planning solutions to help you retain more of you hard-earned income.


Our accountancy solution is all about giving you back the freedom to concentrate on providing your service, meeting deadlines and growing your business and personal brand. All the while, you’re safe in the knowledge that your accounts are in the hands of expert contractor accountants and being run as tax-efficiently as possible.


Our ultimate Umbrella Company solution. Reduce your tax burden, maximise your earnings and all with the security of being employed? Too good to be true? If you’re earning £36k+ per annum, this solution will avail you of significant tax reductions whilst allowing you to maximise your time earning and keeping your income with 100% compliance.


Our unique tax calculator allows us to deliver some of the most innovative self-employed tax planning solutions in today’s marketplace, allowing you to retain as high a percentage of your contract value as is legitimately possible. Hundreds of contractors have already benefited from reductions in tax bills using our bespoke self-employed solutions. It costs you nothing to see how much you can save


Never be scared of contracting abroad again, irrespective of the unique challenges you may foresee as a consequence of paying tax whilst working abroad. We are, quite simply, experts in this field. We know exactly what it takes to make contracting abroad a profitable way of growing your business, whilst still paying less tax and cutting down on tedious paperwork by handing the tax planning aspect over to us.

ImagineFS: Empowering you to deliver

As a contractor, you’re proud of the service you offer. We know that you are because we’ve been in your exact situation. Whilst you excel at the service you offer, there’s a (more than) decent chance that finding the time to maximise your income retention through strategic tax planning is a luxury you dream of rather than the priority you know it should be. Even providing your accountant with the information to help them save you as much on your tax bill as possible can fall by the wayside and you end up paying more tax than you ought. Why waste this opportunity, your money, year after year? That’s where we can help At Imagine Financial Security, we specialise in helping the self-employed workforce reduce its tax burden through innovative, effective and fully compliant solutions. Our solutions fall into four main categories:

Imagine offers a range of compliant & efficient tax solutions

Our range of solutions is designed to complement the busy contractor’s lifestyle; high returns on your contract value the compliant way, Tax planning, Contractor Accounting, a variety of Contractor Tax Solutions, Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

About Imagine FS

Imagine offers a range of fully compliant durable tax solutions designed to ensure you retain as much of your hard earned money as you can in a fully compliant manner. We’re dedicated to ensuring you contribute as little work as necessary towards your preferred payment solution and that you leave as much of the administration as possible to us. Our philosophy is clear: we offer simple, reliable, durable and compliant tax solutions in a client-friendly manner.

  • You choose which solution(s) suit you

  • High rate of return

  • Reliable, safe & effective

  • No set-up or exit fee

  • Total compliance with current legislation

  • Same day payments